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Product Design 
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Designing for LOVE is EVIL using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.

For the owner of the brand LOVE is EVIL I designed the graphic that will be used in the first drop of clothing. The owner of the branded wanted to follow the popular Y2K design with the words "love is evil' and the use of shapes like hearts and stars.

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Wire-frames Low-fidelity

Wire-frames Mid-fidelity

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Wire-frames High-fidelity

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Replit Coding

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To really fit the theme of Pokémon we wanted to change the cursor to a Pokémon. Using the internet we found this Eevee cursor. We did not make this cursor and take no credit. The cursor can be created by Max Castell. This is the link to the website where the cursor can be found.


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Chocolate Liner

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Chocolate Finish

After implementing the silk liner in the hood, I then began to add the brand text which is "Hybrid Garbs" in the center of the sweater. To make the text stand out and create dimension, I added highlights by using the Curve and Level adjustments in Photoshop. To add shading, I used the Drop Shadows adjustment. Lastly, I added the "Hybrid Garbs" logo on the left sleeve and once again added Curve, Level, and Drop Shadow adjustments.

Font Creation

Font was created by taking inspiration from the Y2K style.

Shapes Creation

For the client I created a wide variety of shapes In Adobe Illustrator that can be used for a Y2K style. Many of the shapes are plays of hearts or stars. The client then picked which shapes would be used to create rough designs.

Rough Designs

I created a total of 7 rough designs for the client with the generic black shapes. The next step was to chose three and refine them.

Refined Designs

For the refined designs the color pallet was changed to a more simple pallet. This was done to reduce the cost of printing.

Chosen Final

Clients favorite chosen design. The client had a strong connection with the starts and hearts used in this design.

Photoshop Embroidery

I took the final design to Adobe Photoshop and turned it into an embroidered design. I did this by adding; Texture, Bevel & Emboss, Inner Shadow, Gradient Overlay, and Drop Shadows.


Royal Blue Liner

Royal Blue Finish

Final Mock-ups

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